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Any plan includes some elements. One of the first decisions to make is to use the money to do foreign exchange. How much money is actually used depends on a lot of considerations: the first is a trader's motivation, and if it's just to try or play it, it's better to have less money. The other is the enterprise of the trader, who is willing to take much risk to make money. A related factor is the age of the trader, because it involves his family, health, seniority, and his family's attitude to his speculation. These are not insignificant factors. In summary, the most basic point is that traders should not risk the loss of a potential loss commensurate with their importance. Passenger car (no more than nine) are classified into ordinary passenger cars, active senior passenger cars, passenger cars, small passenger car, convertible, warehouse back passenger car, station wagon, multipurpose passenger vehicles, short head special passenger cars, off-road car, passenger car, etc. 11 class. In the American society of automotive engineers standards SAEJ 687 c for automobile is defined as: power driven by itself, with a driving device, can in a fixed orbit outside the road or on regional transport passenger and cargo or vehicle traction vehicles. Cars are divided into bicycles and trains according to the overall structure. Cycling is a basic form. 4 x 2, 6 x 4, 4 x 4 and 6 x 6 are used to represent the driving characteristics. The previous number represents the total number of wheels (double tire and still count a wheel), and the latter number indicates the number of driving wheels. If all wheels are driven wheels are called all-wheel drive vehicles. The train is made up of a tractor or a bicycle trailer or semi-trailer. Car generally can be divided into the following categories, according to the use cars, buses, freight cars (commonly known as the truck), off-road vehicle, traction motor, dump truck, special vehicles, semi-trailer and special semi-trailer. According to the regulation, in the transfer of equity, the unit and the individual shall bear the equity of the enterprise. The land and property ownership of the enterprise shall not be transferred, and the deed tax shall not be levied. In the capital increase spread, to the land, the ownership of the home ownership or as a capital contribution to the enterprise, a deed tax." In the cloud and the traditional enterprise data center market, he says, have strong demand, DRAM in calculation of steady growth, mobile revenue hit record highs, and home automation, edge computing equipment, automated driving has increased and graphics.