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The evolution of human beings has been through the process of inorganic small molecule, organic small molecule, organic polymer, multi-molecular system, primitive life, low animal, high animal and so on. The value phenomenon is accompanied by the development of human beings, and it is important to understand the origin of value in order to understand the value in a comprehensive and profound way, and to eliminate the many controversies existing in the theoretical circle of value. Humans evolved from lower animals, and the value phenomenon is not born, nor is it produced overnight. It has its own origins and evolves with the evolution of human beings. The charity said it was shocked to find that around 85% of temporary staff suffered a pay deficit while working in the same job for more than three months. It said agency workers that stayed with one employer for more than three months were expected to have the same pay as full-time employees. India's bitcoin exchange has set up a self-regulating organization that sets standards for KYC and AML standards, as local regulators are unclear about the industry's management and guidance. Earlier this month, India's central bank issued a warning against investments or use of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. In mid-november, India's Supreme Court has urged government authorities to regulate bitcoin, as it sought to clarify the legal status of bitcoin in India. In addition, the final legislation could reduce federal mortgage interest deductions and eliminate deductions for state and local taxes. New York, New Jersey and California have families that are much more difficult than those in republican-leaning states. Financial staff are used to dividing the investment payback period into long-term, intermediate and short-term periods. The term usually refers to more than five years, short term generally refers to a period of less than one year, and the middle term is somewhere in between. Managers also use long, medium and short term to describe the plan. Long-term plan describes the organization in a quite long period (usually more than 5 years) and the development direction of policy, regulation on the group's various departments over a longer period of time in some activities should reach the goal and requirements, mapped the organization long-term development blueprint. Short-term plans specifically provides for all departments of an organization in the current stage, to the future the shorter period especially in the recent period of time, which should be engaged in activities, engaged in such activities should meet the requirement, and thus provides a basis for the ACTS of all members of the organization. The first and foremost task before organizing the is always to resolve some basic questions like discussing the detail in the programme, what activity should be included in the activity, list in the students which will participate in the event, budget from the program. These are the crucial thing which needs to be handled meticulously. The annual day function prevail environmental surroundings of excitement inside school and the scholars take their all effort to generate the annual day an affair to recollect. In this wedding day children’s behave as tons and parents come since the guest.