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The car engine is in the design phase, and the fuel used for the compression ratio is set. The compression ratio is a very important structural parameter of the engine, which indicates the volume of the gas at the beginning of the piston at the beginning of compression and the volume ratio of the gas volume at the end of the piston. In terms of power and economy, compression ratio should be bigger and better. The compression ratio is high, the power is good, the heat efficiency is high, the vehicle acceleration, the top speed of the car will be improved accordingly. However, the compression ratio of the gasoline engine is not too large due to the performance of the cylinder material and the vibration of gasoline combustion. In short, a high compression ratio USES a high grade fuel oil. The higher the fuel mark, the slower the oil will burn, and the lower the combustion detonation, the higher the compression ratio of the engine. On the contrary, the low-grade fuel combustion rate is faster, the combustion explosion is large, the engine compression is lower. The Christmas season is a time that you will certainly wish to spend with your family and friends. It is not even the sharing of gifts that matters, while you cannot discount the wide smiles it brings. It is the presence of folks you worry about when you celebrate the season?s highlight, Christmas Eve. You should be prepared with some activities that can carry on the fun in mid-air and prevent what every party host fears most, that's boredom. One of the wonderful activities you can do is to possess everyone sing in unison all the Christmas songs they know. Not only can consumers have more choices in the price, variety and service of commodities, but also make it better for enterprises to purchase production factors and sales products. What happens next? Opportunities in 2018 Donald trump won the presidency of the United States with the support of working-class and socially conservative white voters on the populist economic nationalist platform. Trump refused the republican traditional pro-business, close trade agenda, just as left-wing Bernie Sanders (Bernie Sanders), called for by the disruptive technology and the policy of "globalism" to free trade and migration of americans.