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folk art for sale can be a social online platform for all those Indian artists who want to exhibit their talent and hidden qualities and can become adults their carrier with this excellent chance. No matter you are Dancer, model, singer, artist, actor, and choreographer or possess other talent. At you can create your free registration, manage your profile and may share your individual talent with professionals and celebrities. They can allow you to reach your desired place. To imagine a social world before photography, we would must imagine a world without picture IDs; without portraits of ordinary people; one without pictures as souvenirs of travel; one without celebrity pictures; one without advertising photographs; one without X-rays or views of outer space; some sort of without views of foreign and exotic peoples; one without pictures of sports, wars, and disasters; and one when the great masses of people had no approach to visually record giving her a very events of their lives. The discovery that electromagnetic waves are capable of transmitting information sparked the invention of radio. The technology scaled like the old inventions in the telegraph as well as the telephone. According to some researchers, the amplitude modulation technique originated in the experimental and theoretical work of Leblanc, in 1886, Mayer (1875) and Rayleigh (1894). For example, the very first successful attempt to transmit audio signals over telephone lines happened inside mid-1870s and this may be called one of the first transmissions happening by using some type of amplitude modulation. With an exhibition area of 50,000 sqm, SinoCorrugated 2011 will host 550 exhibitors. In addition to the top international suppliers, there will also be numerous domestic carton equipment and consumables suppliers showing high-tech, cost efficient production technologies. The exhibits at the show will incorporate cardboard and carton processing equipment, spare parts, all grades of carton processing industrial paper, related consumables, software, services and plant supporting equipment - all since the whole carton production chain. Additionally you will have a comprehensive range of carton production equipment and consumables. Visitors are looking for an insightful experience via this effective platform for global trade.