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art of rap is really a platform for professional Indian Artists. Artists primarily include Indian singers, Indian Dancers, Indian Actors, Actresses, Indian Instrumental players and Indian Models. Their database has listing of Indian Singers, Names of Indian Singers, Hindi Singer and List of Indian Dancers. Like animation in film, clay animation didn't take just a single individual to create--in fact, it took several creators along with inventions. However, the very first film which used clay animation, in addition to live action was 'The Sculptor's Welsh Rarebit Dream" (1908) with the Edison Manufacturing Co. (Later being referred to as Thomas A. Edison, Inc.) [Thomas Edison - pictured]. If you lean in toward a rock, feet won't hold well; you need to remain out and away from the rock to counter the gravitational pull in the body. With your body in balance, move which has a slow, rhythmic motion. If possible attempt to maintain three points of connection with the rock, such as two hands and something foot.