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As we strive to earn an incredible living and pay our charges, there are also crooks who generate a full time income by robbing from unsuspecting victims. Thus, we need to always be on guard from such individuals by securing our private data and making sure that they're not taken from us and useful for crooks' advantages. Value theory of the many contradictions and arguments, essentially derives from the different definitions of value, originated in the people for the different understanding of the concept of value, value, from the perspective of physics can put the theory of value based on the foundation of natural science, with a high degree of accuracy, objectivity and rationality, so that the value theory of widespread vagueness, subjectivity and ambiguity naturally are addressed. As social things all the movement and the change of value relation is in essence the motion and change, so the value theory is the foundation of social science theory, if the value theory is built on the basis of natural science, can greatly promote the fusion and unity of the social science and natural science, but also make the social science become subservient to the natural sciences. Along with the social network virtualization, the market is not necessarily true place and place, many of today's business is achieved through the computer network, China's largest e-commerce site, taobao is to provide the exchange of virtual market. Taobao, Asia's largest online retail business circle, is committed to creating the world's preferred online retail business, founded by alibaba group on May 10, 2003. Taobao now spans two large parts of C2C (consumer) and B2C (merchant to individual). As of 2008, there were more than 98 million registered users, with the majority of online shoppers in China, covering the vast majority of online shoppers in China. In 2008, the transaction volume was 999.6 billion yuan, accounting for 80% of the online shopping market.