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On Wednesday, the U.S. house of representatives passed a revised republican tax reform bill. U.S. President Donald trump has called the tax reform a historic victory, and lower regulation would be good for the economy. The tax reform bill is the largest U.S. tax reform in three decades and the first comprehensive tax reform. To avoid competition, the company plans to transfer the existing electronic materials business 1. Ordinary transport vehicles Market is generally believed that tax reform important progress and good economic data pushed up investor optimism about the U.S. economy growth, coupled with a near record levels of long positions covering, some traders selling positions betting on further flattening of the yield curve, lead to long-term Treasury yields climbed sharply this week. Of course, for ordinary people, the yield is 3.9% or 4%, not much. But for yu 'e bao, which has 1.56 trillion yuan, the difference is significant. The conversion of commodity value into cost price + profit (k+p) includes the possibility of deviation from the residual value. Because profits for more than the balance of cost price, and the cost price is less than the goods value, it provides the individual capitalists in cost price above and below the value of the possibility of selling goods, so that to achieve the profit with the goods actually contains surplus value does not agree in number. The capitalist makes use of the difference between the value of the commodity and the cost price, as a driving force in the market competition. As the competition between different production department and the free flow of capital, make different special margin balance into average profit margins or average profit margins, so that the profits further into average profit, realize the amount of capital to achieve the same amount of profit. In the usual case, the average profit and the surplus value are inconsistent in quantity. The average profit is proportionately proportional to the total amount of capital in advance and not the amount of live labor that is governed by individual capital. This and make an objective truth, essentially profits is the product of capital, it is nothing to do with labor, in this way, capital on the relationship between the wage labor to make money and to be make, will be further.